The Princess Diaries

Two days back, I was looking for a girl, my senior in college. I did not know her in person, but only her name. When I ask her batch mate to help me spot her, here she goes:

Have you ever seen the cutest guy of our class? Yeah the same guy, who is very fair, is a flirt and has a stubble beard (in fact she also told me the shape of his beard !!). You must know him. Everyone knows him. Because he is cute !! (Hell!! Don’t know why she neither could tell me his name or nor was she of any help to find the girl!).

Well, she is the same guy’s girlfriend!!

For a second, I thought that I might have been blind. Because I did not know which guy was she talking about? But that’s not the question here. Right now, the situation she had put me into, was worse. On being asked about the girl, she talks more about her guy!

The conclusion drawn is that being with a guy who chooses to be smarter and prettier than you is a wrong choice. This happens. Since he is cuter, people fail to notice you!! You have an identity as good as a drop of water taken from a river. You are just the drop; your guy is the river. Its called IDENTITY CRISIS. TERRIBLE !!!

A lot of us are living under fake identity. Some hide behind their parents, some behind their siblings (Wow!! You are “ABC’s” sister!!) Others, behind whoever in their life, have an influential personality. Not your mistake though!

Few months back, just after  introduction with his group of batch mates, they ask me :

So, you are “his” girl!! Great!!

And I so wished to say :

That’s  how I was just introduced, you dumbass!!,

But Courtesy played its part well !!

Anyway, Not my mistake either !!

Being the first one, this has to be princessy (I know “princessy” is not even a word, but in my dictionary it means – like that of a princess!!).

So to begin with, I believe almost all of us have read the story – The lady or the tiger.

The princess’s decision was left to the readers.

I read the story when I was in tenth grade and the mystery sometimes still bothers me.

This wintry morning, I was wondering if the situation comes to me, which one would I choose? Jealousy or humanity? I think I would have chosen the lady. Perhaps the humane side of me conquered me there.

Obviously life of the partner seems to be more important than the inner jealousy streak. Well, at least you get to see him each day (with someone else),

Laughing (but, not with you),

Living life (without you)………

Not bad, isn’t it? Probably it was not as bad a deal as taking his life…….

August 2022